To succeed in our mission, we must have single-minded devotion to our goal.


NGOs around the world face unique challenges in attracting and maintaining resources for their programs. Although development funding has multi-billion dollar annual disbursements, many barriers prevent NGOs from successfully vying for these funds. Announcements of funding competitions are fragmented all over the web and difficult to identify; competition is tough and the application process arduous; and many NGOs simply do not have the capacity or technical know-how to effectively go after funding opportunities. These challenges can be especially pronounced for newly formed NGOs, grassroots NGOs, and NGOs from the developing world. So how can NGOs spend less time worrying about fundraising and more time changing the world?

This was the founding concept for Pankhh – to help reduce fundraising barriers for NGOs and practitioners at all levels, sizes, and sophistication. We started in 2008 providing a trickle of users with free alerts on funding availability. Now our website consistently generates millions of page views and we have grown also to create free resource guides on topics such as writing proposals, capacity building, donor networking, using technology and social media, etc. Even more recently we created Pankhh for further support with training webinars, sample proposals, a database of global donors, and much more.